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These are some of the surgical procedures carried out in Cosmetic Gynecology by Dr. Sule at Allora Medical Practice. For more information contact us.

-Labia minoraplasty

Labiaplasty minoraplasty involves surgical alteration, usually via reduction, of the size of the labia minora which can be naturally longer in some women or may have become lengthened during childbirth and aging. Labial hypertrophy can cause discomfort during exercise and sexual intercourse amongst other activities and can inhibit women from wearing certain clothes.

-Labia Majora Lipografting

This is a procedure where fat is harvested from the lower abdomen and injected into labiae majora that have lost their fullness due to age, hormonal changes and childbirth to restore a fuller and more youthful appearance.


Vaginoplasty refers to a general surgical tightening procedure of the vagina following laxity. Laxity/looseness of the vagina results from vaginal childbirth and estrogen decline with age. Vaginoplasty aims to restore vaginal tightness and also improve the outer appearance of the vaginal opening.


Hymenoplasty involves reconstruction of a previously broken, torn or otherwise damaged hymen to restore an intact membrane with a small aperture.


involves size reduction of   redundant clitoris hood/covering / folds for cosmetic reasons. Exposure of the  clitoral glans hidden by excessive clitoral covering provides its increased sensitivity.

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