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Allora Medical Practice specializes in delivering quality, professional, affordable and efficient healthcare to women of all ages from their teenage years all the way through to menopause.

Telemedicine service involves the use of electronic communications to provide our healthcare services to

Peri menopause and Menopause is a time that signifies the end of reproduction for a woman.

At Allora we provide a compassionate and comfortable environment to manage a variety of general gynecology conditions

At Allora Medical Practice we empower women with up to date family planning in order to have them achieve their desired family size

Whether you are expecting your first or third baby in a low or high risk pregnancy, Dr. Sule will walk with you through the pregnancy journey

At Allora Medical Practice, we ensure you start your pregnancy in the best possible health.

Dr. Sule is one of a handful of trained Cosmetic Gynecologists in Kenya and provides an array of both non surgical and surgical procedures